100 little deeds for local democracy

suffragette badgeWe’re proud to be part of Vote 100, a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which first gave some women (and all men over 21) the right to vote.

Vote 100 is very much about deeds, not words. This important moment in our democratic heritage was the result of decades of campaigning. You’ve probably heard some of the famous stories about suffragettes, the women who decided to take direct action to get their voices heard.

But the fight for the vote wasn’t just about those well-known acts of defiance. It was also about hundreds of little acts of courage, rebellion and determination, by ordinary people who wanted to challenge their traditional roles in society.

As our contribution to Vote 100, the Kirklees Democracy Commission will be sharing 100 little deeds for local democracy throughout the year. Please get involved by doing something, however small, to celebrate democracy for everyone.

Latest little deeds


Get involved

For groups –  organise an event or activity to celebrate Vote 100 and we’ll help you to promote it. You can find ideas and info to help you on this website. Be part of Vote 100 

For citizens – make your mark by creating your own suffragette badge, rosette, banner or artwork and sharing a photo with us. You can tweet us @kirkdemocracy

For schools – run an activity for your class and let us know how it went. There are some Lesson plans available for key stage 2, 3 and 4.

For everyone –  we’d love to hear your ideas.

Share your little deeds

For our part, we’re organising activities throughout the year. Vote 100 in Kirklees is part of our work to turn our recommendations for Growing a stronger local democracy into action. We’re working with many other local organisations to do this, and you’re very welcome to get involved.

Keep in touch

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You can also email us at: kirkleesdemocracy@gmail.com