4. Young women in politics

Little-deeds-notwestminsterMehrissa Sufi, who is one of our fantastic Kirklees Youth Councillors, took time out from revising for her GCSEs to share her thoughts about women in politics – a subject that really matters to her – with participants at a busy annual event in Huddersfield.

Mehrissa says that being a youth councillor has really opened her eyes to the world of politics¬†and how people can directly influence what happens in their communities and beyond. She also talks about her amazing male friends in the audience and says we need to “find a way to empower young women without disempowering young men”.

This talk was one of the Notwestminster 2018 Lightning talks at The Media Centre in Huddersfield on Saturday 17th February 2018. You can watch Mehrissa’s talk on YouTube:

100 little deeds for local democracy

Deeds not wordsTo celebrate Vote 100, we’re sharing 100 little ways that citizens in Kirklees are doing something to strengthen our local democracy. If you’ve been inspired by Mehrissa’s talk, why not do something to help young people have voice and learn about local democracy? We’d love to hear how you get on: Share your little deeds for local democracy