10. What’s good about where you live?

School councils event

Around 200 pupils and 50 teaching staff from Kirklees schools took part in the ‘Your voice – speak up, speak out’ school council summit in March 2018 at Huddersfield Town Hall. Each school encouraged young people aged 5 to 11 on their school councils to host a simple hands-on activity  about citizenship, leadership, school values, school council, raising local issues, or anything they chose to showcase that promotes democracy.

One of the activities children were asked to take part in on the day was to write down one good thing about where they live. This is a quick and accessible way of encouraging children and young people to think about what’s important in their local area. Here are just a few of the responses…

A nice thing about Huddersfield

A nice thing about Almondbury

A nice thing about South Crosland

A nice thing about Brackenhall

A nice thing about Lowerhouses

A nice thing about Waterloo

A nice thing about Birkby

A nice thing about Netherton


100 little deeds for local democracy

Deeds not wordsTo celebrate Vote 100, we’re sharing 100 little ways that citizens in Kirklees are doing something to strengthen our local democracy. If you’ve been inspired by this little deed, why not try it out at a community event where you live? We’d love to hear how you get on: Share your little deeds for local democracy