3. Netherton Brownies are earning a special badge

Cakes made by Netherton Brownies
Photo by Netherton Brownies / @105HuddBrownies

Brownies, Guides and Rainbows are getting the chance to earn a special badge this year to celebrate the centenary of women winning the right to vote. Netherton Brownies started their Votes for Women Challenge Badge on 12th February 2018, and they have kindly shared their tweets with us so you can see how they’re getting on. We wish them well.


Girlguiding is calling for equal representation for women in politics and an improved political education system so girls and young women feel engaged. Find out more:

Girlguiding – Our Vote 100 Asks


100 little deeds for local democracy

Deeds not wordsTo celebrate Vote 100, we’re sharing 100 little ways that citizens in Kirklees are doing something to strengthen our local democracy. If you’ve been inspired by Netherton Brownies, why not run an activity in your group or school to help our young citizens learn about voting? We’d love to hear how you get on: Share your little deeds for local democracy